How to win an ugly christmas sweater contest

This is the most traumatizing Christmas sweater I've ever seen. Look at his eyes! If this doesn't get you first place, you'll at least leave everyone at the

How to Judge an Ugly Sweater

The funny folks behind the book Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater shared some of their favorite tacky Christmas sweater photos with us

The I Love Canadian Harness Racing Fan Club contest for December is 'The Ugly Christmas Sweater' contest. We want to see which one of our Fan Club members Ugly Christmas Sweaters for

Wear a tree skirt instead of an ugly Christmas Sweater--- Such a cute idea! :: Holiday ... Make this a sweater and I could win an ugly sweater contest! More

Jack McCarthy basks in the glow of an assortment of ugly Christmas sweaters outside his Wauwatosa

Contest: Win an Ugly Christmas

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Ideas and Information How to have an Ugly Christmas sweater party ... Seriously - you need one if you think you re entering a contest ... Go all matchy-matchy and maybe you ll win the Best Couple prize

Needless to say I won the ugly Xmas sweater contest. Saint Nic Cage - my masterpiece

Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

Dec 17, 2011 ... If you are having a contest, be sure to mention it in the invitation, to promote a little friendly competition. The authors of the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Book recommend categories such as Win, Place and Showoff, which

Funniest caption/comment either posted below or on the People of Walmart Facebook page will win an ugly Christmas sweater of your choosing at

Ugly Holiday Sweater Contest

featuring the Ugliest Christmas Sweater Contest! ... your ugly Christmas Sweater after ... it with my UGLY FUNKY FESTIVE sweater, I will win BOTH

You will be sure to win any ugly Christmas sweater contest with an actual animated fireplace

Ugly Holiday Sweater Contest Winner - Woman s Day

Multiple entries are accepted, but each entrant can only win one prize. Contest is open ... of Materials (1). Ugly Christmas Sweater -One for You... by ryeomans1

After welcoming the participants at the Honda showroom with refreshments and snacks, there were games, including an ugly Christmas sweater contest

The Great Ugly Christmas Sweater

2.08. Caption Contest: Win An Ugly Christmas Sweater! Funniest caption/comment either posted below or on the People of Walmart Facebook page will win an ugly

I have no idea why   ugly Christmas sweaters  is such a phenomenon this year but, I hope it doesn't make it to next season, catch on with all the teams and

Ugly Christmas Sweaters: 15 Funny, Tacky Photos

An ugly Christmas sweater contest is a great way ... Having multiple categories where guests can win ... And what s more to love than an Ugly Christmas Sweater

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